Halloween, it has come to my attention that I hate you…

Well maybe not HATE… But seriously, I strongly dislike you after last night! Good thing you have the kids on your side…

Halloween is officially done and over with. This year was the first, that Jamie was not able to accompany the kids and I on our crusade for candy, which made for quite the interesting evening.

With Lars being an angry bird, and Soph a pretty purple princess mayhem seemed to somehow follow us the entire evening.

First of all, I would like to send an enormous shout out of THNAKS to all of you people who scrapped and salted your slippery walkways.

And for those of you who didn’t…You suck! I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to be a mean Mommy blogger, but really? You have 10, 20, 50 kids even, scrambling up your footpath in costumes that are so unbelievably impractical for journeying in the first place, and to top it all off they are falling all over each other in a god-awful heap of princesses, pirates, goons and goblins that have inadvertently slipped on the driveway in which YOU neglected to clear for the little guys.

Poor little buggers, Lars couldn’t even get up off the ground once he had fallen because of the grotesquely robust costume I made him wear.  Which in the end I felt a little bad about, despite him loving the Angry Birds get-up, we had to load and unload the child through the back hatch of the van as he unfortunately did not fit through the side sliding doors. We will chalk this up to a life lesson on the dangers of obesity.

Speaking of…I think that next year I will start a workout routine in preparation to the Halloween-ing event. There I am getting friggen winded after the first few houses, whilst looking up that oh so long and lengthy street, sweat beads rolling gingerly off my red exhausted cheeks thinking, “For the love of god, how will I do this for the next two hours?!”

It was painful to say the least.

I lost my litter in a throng of dressed up children at one point, and although I had a slight feeling of merriment  that this incident could mean the end of trick or treating for the evening, a slight panic overcame me.

I madly scanned the group of more than 15 children, it would have been a lot easier if I was another foot taller and not more on the same height scale as the kids themselves, but up on my tippy toes I went and eventually found my babes crammed between Iron Man and the Dude from Scream.

By the time we made our way home, I was bushed. A lingering headache persisted from the copious amounts of candy I consumed in an idiotic attempt to keep my sugar levels up for our evenings escapades, plus the fact that the kids were coming down HARD from their sugar high. Believe me when I tell you it was not a pretty picture!

But in the end they did great, and what a haul!



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