Siblings; what a weird and wonderful phenomenon.

To think, there is this other person, or people,  who had the same upbringing (trials and tribulations included) and they somehow, someway managed to get through it just like you. But it wasn’t that they just ‘got through it’ was it?

You leaned on each other, you listened to one another’s woes about ‘Mom and Dad’ and cried together when discipline was showered down upon you. And thinking back to those adolescent moments that now just seem like a story in a book, you know with a strident truth that you would have never got through those times on your own.

In my younger years I took my brother for granted. Growing up farm kids with usually little chance for town visits to our friends homes, Dustin and I were best friends. For a long time, we simply had each other.  It never occurred to me back then, that without him, I would have been there alone. And without him, I’m sure that boredom and strife would have ate me up like a uninhibited beast.

But that was not the case…

Our mind’s eye would soar out in the wild pastures of the farm. Creating imaginary play that would these days put kids to shame. It is these moments of adventure and exploration that I remember fondly, that I will never possibly forget.

Your siblings are the people who helped shape you into who you are today. They know your youngest secrets, your juvenile fears and your childish dreams. They stood by you through all of the confusing emotions these thoughts brought. They were your first true friend, and that is not a small feat- Certainly not to be taken for granted.

For these reasons and more, my brother Dustin will always hold a piece of my heart, in a way that no other person could. It makes me realize that without him, I would have grown to be a different person than who writes this post today.

Thank you brother for purely being there.

I now turn my thoughts to one of a Mother. I look at Lars and Sophie and worry if they will have the same kind of relationship as my own brother and I. There are days when I must pull them off each other because they are in such an enraged battle of anger. The name calling, the biting, the absolute lack of respect that they portray for each other on any given day provides little hope for such a bond to bloom.

This morning I woke before the sun had risen. I sat down at the computer with mind reeling viciously pondering what I needed to write about today. Lars awoke shortly after I, as per usual and Sophie was not long behind.

As soon as the boy heard his sister stirring in her bed, he ran towards her room.

Next thing I know, they are meandering out towards me, Lars looking proud with his little sis tucked neatly under his arm.

He sat her on the couch and retrieved her a glass of milk then proceeded to cuddle up beside her and put on her favorite Netflix show.

I, all the while just sitting there,  apparently useless because my 5 year old son has got it all covered.

It was then that I realized that this bond, that special something that siblings have is not something that needs to be fostered or grown. It is manufactured into us. It is a transparent connection that is built by the union of similarity.

And it is natural.

I think back to all of the times in which my brother and I had each other to lean on when frustrated with family life, and I am thankful for having him. Now today, as I come to this realization of sibling affection, I am so happy that my children will have each other for support when I am the butt of their parental griping.

Because it is bound to happen…And everyone needs someone who truly understands how crazy their parents really are!


5 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. my sister and I fought like cat and dog when we were little – but when we were in our teens, the fights got fewer and we were each other’s staunchest supporter when our parents made fun of our ‘trendy’ hair styles and clothes

    I guess the fights were, in a weird sort of way, part of a growing bonding process 😆


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