Handy Housewife Hint #003

The housewife life; A treasure trove of  exhilaration. It can be dashing, daring and oh so daunting. The trials and tribulations one must face in this intimidating vocation is enough to allow any woman to slip feverishly into the depths of immorality.

Handy Housewife Hint #003- A Handy Housewife will always portray the utmost of modesty in any given moment.

Today Helen the housewife will voice to you the importance of remaining modest in even the most menacing of times.

Because this, dear friends is the key to the continuation of a happy, handy and humble housewife.

Lyndzee Posed-584

And here, it begins…

This segment, Helen will stress to you the significance of the ‘horrified surprise stance’

Lyndzee Posed-671

This being the posture one takes if and when you are taken by shock and quickly thrust out of your comfort zone.

Do not, Repeat: DO NOT, try to attempt a sexual surprised look in any way shape or form…

Lyndzee Posed-55

It will come out all wrong, and possible lead you astray.

Reserve is the key.

Although your first notion may be to say…Drop the towel, you must hold on to that fortress with a deathlike grip.

Lyndzee Posed-601

This is literally the only thing sheltering you from total annihilation in the decorum department.

Hold on Helen, hold on! 

Once mastering the ‘horrified surprise stance’ compose yourself and shoot the peeping Tom a look of pure loathing.

Lyndzee Posed-127

Let that bad man know who’s boss!

This will show that you and only YOU gives admission to your secret garden.

After the uncomfortable incident has been resolved, one must swiftly place the occurrence far from mind.

But how would one do that you ask?


Lyndzee Posed-4541

Lyndzee Posed-529

And more wine.

Lyndzee Posed-2911

And hell…Maybe a few uppers to finish the job.

Lyndzee Posed-556

It will be a long and unsettling road making your way back to everyday housewife life, but in the end it will have been worth it to handle your shit like a lady.

Lyndzee Posed-5761

Because an indecent housewife, isn’t a handy housewife.

Photo Credit: Imagine The image Photography

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