Meet Helen The Housewife

Lately I’ve been really brainstorming on how to up the ante here on The Blogging Mama. I’ve been feeling restless and fidgety, when it comes to the blogging world. I’ve been craving that little bit more. I’ve been craving some oomph…

That was until I met Helen The Housewife.

Lyndzee Posed-4221

Helen here is about laying down the humorous when it comes to the housewife life.

So ladies, hold on to your girdles, because Wednesdays on The Blogging Mama have just become awesome-sauce!

Introducing The Handy Housewife Series!

Where Helen will charm us with her witty tips and tricks of the trade. Whether it be wifely duties, matronly skills or simply making anything mundane seem absolutely superb.

Future posts will include;

What to do when that morning coffee just isn’t quite strong enough….

Lyndzee Posed-41312

As well as how to spice up your bedroom life….

Lyndzee Posed-336d

So to sum up

 Join The Blogging Mama and Handy Housewife Helen on Wednesdays for fun filled adventures of all things domestic!

And remember to bring your scrubbing gloves since we will be spilling out loads of gut splitting giggles!

Photo Credit: Imagine The Image Photography


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