The Enlightenment of Photography

In my life there always comes these pivotal moments of clarity. I should count myself lucky because often I am in great need of them…And as time has shown me, in these ‘often’ instances I am almost always given this gift of enlightenment.

As of recently I had been  stressed. The kids have been acting up (more so than usual) and in general, life somehow seemed to be spiraling out of my control.

I had scheduled to do a photo shoot for The Blogging Mama, in an attempt to draw in some more readers with fancy new pictures. My very good friend Jen at Imagine the Image Photography graciously decided to help with this idea, and the pictures we captured gave me an entirely new outlook on this existence and my beautiful family.

I don’t think I can ever thank Jen enough, for she had inadvertently picked me out of my slump and helped me once again realize the beautiful people Jamie and I created.

So here are some of the things I have discovered though the spectacular art of photography…

You know your husbands a good one when he cleans up your drunkenly  chucked wine bottles from the night before.


As much as siblings fight…And drive you to drink with their incessant feuding and bickering; When a little sis needs a tow on her tricycle, big bro will always come to the rescue.


 Wrestling your children into submission very rarely works as a calming tool in parenthood.



Sometimes that first leap, is just as hard on us as it is on them!


 To a child;  A dying weed, is just as beautiful as a bouquet of red roses.



No matter what the obstacle, the TV will be found…And most definitely will be watched!



And finally, everyone has always said the Lars looks identical to Jamie. There is absolutely no resemblance to me whatsoever…Well, I think that just might be a changing.

What do you think?

Lars and a Stach to match Mummy 11-039AC6BF-173648-960


Again I would like to thank my photographer Jen for capturing these moments in our life. How wonderful it is to be able to look back with these visual reminders of the life that we have and currently are living!


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