Blame is for Suckers (and Babies and Wimps)

Blame blame go away

Do not come another day,

Let me live a life that’s free

Of jaded thoughts of what should be.

The kids are grubby, the house a mess

I have not bathed in days…To confess

We eat spaghetti from a can

And I can’t remember the last time I ran.

My body is gaining too much substance,

My face is full of acne abundance

My boobs are sagging, despite their small size

Tree stumps are what I envision my thighs.

The babies are back talking every chance that they get

I am quickly approaching a nervous wreck.

I feel that I come up short in the jist

Of life in general on the awesome list.

Well here and now, As of Today

I have something important to say!

if you are frustrated, gloomy or blue

There is only one single thing you must do…

Stand up and shout out “NO MORE OF THIS SHIT”

I blame no one but me for my dubious skit!

Change your attitude and your downtrodden ways

Pick yourself up, out of your off-putting phase.

Healthcare has problems, the government taxes

It hurts like hell when your vagina gets waxes!

The school system fails us, and public roads suck a plenty may as well just be empty!

 Your body is not what it used to be

There’s hair growing in places you can’t even see

Who cares if your tooth is chipped half way off

And you have that persistent ‘old man’ cough

Your life is in front of you, just waiting to be

Grasped to the utmost, and brimming with glee

Only you can seek your own lively reserves

And placing blame will not get you the rewards you deserve.

So I for one will be blaming others no more

for the life that I thought was uncalled-for and sore

I will take this ol’ life by its two mountainous oysters

And renovate my journey into an audacious roister.

To end a wee rant, I will leave you with this

Blame is for suckers, and babies and wimps

Be bigger than that, be cooler, be smooth

And if you take my advice, I guarantee it will sooth!



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