“This Love Is”


Thoughts of love have been drifting ever so lightly through my head lately.

It isn’t often that I actually think about love, like really think about how and why I love.  I just simply do. I love my parents, my brother, my husband, my in-laws, my friends and of course my children. But this last one, the children;  this love is different.

It is unconditional.

I loved the babes from the moment I knew of them. And from that point on, my love for them has been ever changing, ever evolving. It does not matter what they do in this lifetime, nothing could make my love for them less.

As angry and tired and frustrated as we all get as parents, this love will always be there- Holding, strong and strident. This love will never falter.

It is that single thought that moves me. It makes me realize that this adoration a Mother and Father have for their progeny is the simple extravagance that keeps the beauty of parenting in motion.

So how to define this prolific love that in my humble opinion keeps the world a turning?

To love like this, is to…


Offer a helping hand.

Even when you know that hand will not be appreciated in the moment


This love can sometimes be ugly…


But the ugliness will never be the moments remembered.

This love breeds beauty.

Making every moment exquisite, if only you allow it to.


And this love is touching.


It is a Mothers hold.

It is the caress of fingers on a fevered forehead.

It is the soothing words in which no one else could find.

It is the discipline that you force yourself to go through with.

It is the hard shell you create so not to get hurt, by words they do not mean.

It is the fulfilment you receive in partaking in their existing achievements.

This love, this amazing thing we have embarked on as parents has no definition. It is too grand, to inexplicable to categorize into mere words. And maybe that is because it is not just one emotion, it entails every emotion (most of which we encounter on a daily basis!) And that, is the awesome power of this love.

**On a side note all photo credit on todays post is from The Blogging Mama`s official photographer the outstanding Jen over at Imagine The Image Photography. Please hop on over and take a look at her site, her work is wonderful!


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