It all started with a bathroom….

 I was bored, my extremely handy sister-in-law Ashley was over and we got the bright idea to paint the main bathroom. So we did, that is when everything quickly spiraled out of control from that point on.

Next I embarked on my bedroom, and it turned out beautiful. Oh how lovely it was to have a fresh new look in the boudoir area. And from the positivity that was exuded from this space, it only took a matter of minutes for my current hellish fate to begin.

“I’m going to paint the house! And none of this, doing it room by room crap, I am going to paint the entire house, and it will be awesome!”

I now understand the phrase, “famous last words” because these were indeed my famous last words.


So here it is;  green painting tape lining the ceilings, baseboards, cupboards and anything else I don’t want paint on (because did I mention I am a TERRIBLE painter?). The house is in complete disarray, ladders placed in odd places, drop sheets everywhere since in my euphoric renovating state I decide that getting new living room furniture BEFORE painting will be a great idea.  

It is literally difficult to walk around in this house without stepping in a tray of paint or tripping over rollers, paint brushes or other painting paraphernalia.

I have exiled the children to the basement area, the only part of the house that is not brimming with danger and mishap, although a week ago I would have told you that our basement is NOT childproof, today it seems like the safest alternative to the torturous upstairs.

They seem satisfied there, since they have total run of the place. If and when I get done up here, I will need to do a complete overhaul on the vicinity as they have destroyed it…How one can destroy an unfinished basement is beyond me, but with my babes nothing in regards to messiness surprises me anymore.


Yesterday was the worst. I have come to the conclusion (with my home at least) that for every 5 minutes of painting there is a friggen hour of prep work, what with taping cleaning the baseboards so the tape will actually stick on to them, puttying, sanding, and wiping away putty debris.

At one point a teensy weensy tid bit of putty somehow made it into my eye. I Did not think much of it at the time, just wiped it away with my paint covered hands because unfortunately we do not have an emergency eye wash station on hand.

Moments later this insatiable stinging begins, my eye is watering heavily and I am 10 feet up on a ladder cutting in the ceiling. SHIT! How do I get myself out of this one. No one is around, not even the kids, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be much help in the first place.

Slowly oh so slowly I creep down to solid ground and stumble my way towards the kitchen sink. By that point there is this green gunk oozing out of my eyeball and it is quickly sealing shut.

I’m done for.

I decide to call er’ in for the night because I can’t imagine getting much more done with a gimp eye plus I’m in need of more supplies.


I wake up the next morning and my eye is completely swelled shut, red and puffy. This does not stop me. I am on a mission to finish the job and finish it I will! So I flush it out as good as I can, make my way to the car and drive around half blinded picking up paint supplies from around town.

Several comments are flung my way about ‘maybe going to see a doctor about that eye’ and ‘should you be driving like that?’

All of the remarks in one ear and out the other, not scathing me in the slightest.

 By the time I get home, it is feeling better and I begin my undertaking once more.

Today I am a lot further than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be close to done. There may have been some bumps along the road, but if I have one piece of advice for you in the painting your home department it is this;

As frustrating as it may be, when your whole world is turned upside down, it will get done if perseverance is placed into it…That and, set up an emergency eye wash station, you never know when they will come in handy!

…Or just remember your eye protection when doing renovations. Ya that seems a bit more legit.


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