My Precious Little Eating Machine

1 brimming bowl of cereal, a banana, a cut up apple with a hunk of cheese and a bran muffin with raisins; this was my sons breakfast today. He only finished it about 20 minutes ago and now is telling me that he is starving and NEEDS to eat something or he may very well perish right in front of me.   

The kid is 4 years old! I obviously expect these kind of eating habits out of a growing teenager, but a 4 year old? It literally astounds me.

I fear that in these next few years (if this overindulging routine persists) he will eat me out of house and home. Of course, with this said, and the slight knowledge I have about healthy eating I do not worry about him developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Although yes, he does eat a phenomenal amount in the morning time, his appetite tapers off considerably throughout the day. Transforming him into some meager little nibbling mouse by dinner time.  And as they say, we should eat a good BIG breakfast to prepare ourselves for the day.

Well little Lars has this feat down pat.

It has come to the point that I rue the moment I hear his tiny footsteps pitter pattering out from his my bedroom in the morning because I know then that my morning solitude time has come to an end and it is now time to start preparing the boy a feast to feed his ravenous gut.

There I am in the kitchen adhering to his every beck and call…

“Mom I’m hungry…”

“Still hungry Mom…”

“Mom! I’m going to waste away to nothingness, if I don’t get some food over here…”

Okay maybe I exaggerate a little, but the kid is persistent I’m telling ya! I scramble around in the fridge, pantry and anywhere else I can summon up some grub for the boy for at least an hour in the A.M.

When at school, his teachers must think I am trying to fatten him up or something. He is only there for a half day, and I am only required to pack him a snack to eat. Well Lars’ snack consists of; A pudding, granola bar, whatever kind of fruit I have not fed him in the morning some veggie sticks and sometimes some leftovers from last night’s dinner that he picked away at.

So far each day when he returns home from his half day at school his lunch kit has been cleaned out, not even a morsel or crumb remaining.

I will wholeheartedly admit that this abundance of eating sometimes strikes a nerve with me. In the best of times I am happy to fill up my baby boys tummy with healthy food and of course the occasional treat. But in the worst of times, the times I am stressed or simply sick of conjuring up new and exciting foods for the babe to eat, it is another story.

“This is crazy Lars! How can you eat so much?!” I will yell, fed up from being stuck in the kitchen.

My anger always subsides momentarily though when I see his poor famished eyes looking up at me with his pitiable placid stare just pleading for his body to be sustained with nourishment. So once again I will delve into my quest for edible provisions for my bottomless pit of a son…

The one saving grace, that I thank the heavens for each morning when I begin this predicament, is that he is NOT a picky eater.  


4 thoughts on “My Precious Little Eating Machine

  1. There are more kids who don’t even eat, like the kids of a relative. Also like my brother, my mom said. My Mom would threaten to bring him to the hospital for some IV feeding, or something


  2. Excellent Blog! Made me laugh out loud at times. I do agree with thanking the heavens he is not a picky eater. Keep entertaining us!


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