Here’s to the people!

Here’s to the Mama’s! The bakers of fetuses, the creators of life. The wipers of snot and makers of The Best Lunches Ever!

Here’s to the woman who put their lives on hold, to give their family the best of the best. Here’s to  midnight feedings, and nap-less days. To the women who struggle to fit in at PTA but do it anyways for their babes.

Here’s to the Daddies! The men who work 10 hour days to support the family they love. Here’s to the men who take parental leave.  To the guys who change diapers and give bottles.  Here’s to the Daddies that play Peek-a-Boo despite how silly they look.

Here here to the men who would do anything for their family and display that mentality on a daily basis.


Cheers to the people who struggle with money, but make it work. To the parents who have divorced, but still stay civil for the sake of the children.

Here’s to single parents everywhere, doing the job of two people. Sacrificing so much for the children they love. You are doing a wonderful job!

Here’s to our children’s grandparents who tell us ‘it will all work out in the end.”

A shout out to the doctors and nurses who work so hard to keep our families safe and healthy. To the teachers who help mold our children into the individuals they will one day grow up to be.

The police officers who protect and serve.

To the cooks, the librarians, the accountants and the cashers. To all of the employee’s who play an important role in our community.


Today, I give a high five to ALL!

Today I will say No;  NO to uppity-ness, and NO self involvement.

Today I will give a big ol’ cheers to NO JUDGMENT.


We all have our story, our individual triumphs and our secret failings.

Today I ask you to own your legend.  Appreciate the people you never think twice about. Leave out the critical stares and the arbitrary comments.

Give a helping hand to someone in need.

Tell someone…Anyone, that they are doing a good job; that they are appreciated!

For a small, yet gracious gesture may go a long way for someone who truly requires it today.

Here’s to the people everywhere!


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