A Wish for Mr. Brown


Dear Mr. James Brown,

Today I wish for you, the happiest of birthdays my husband.

May you always be delighted on this day of recognition and the following wishes I have for you continue to hold true in your everyday life…

I wish you knowledge. That you will continue to find the opportunities for growth in every few-fangled position you are put into.

I wish you hope. To forever have the ability to look towards the future with optimism and confidence.

I wish for you, company. That there will always be loved ones surrounding you, to provide support and adoration through all milestones of life.

I wish you time. Time to allow you to achieve all I know you are capable of.

I wish you understanding. An understanding that you should always know everything you do for your family is acknowledged and revered. An understanding that you are looked up to by your son and role modeled by your daughter.  An understanding that your wife thanks the heavens everyday that you chose her.

I wish for you self-importance. That you can see your notability of being the most brilliant father and breathtaking husband. Your righteousness as a human being.

I wish you fortitude; Stamina, endurance and patience, even in times when giving-up would be easy.

I wish for you to always have the ability to witness your children grow.

To glimpse prospects in front you, and foretaste the life that has yet to come.

I wish you greatness, and strength. I wish you clear vision for your dreams and smooth sailing to the achievement of these.

But most of all Mr. Brown, I wish for you happiness. Happiness in all that you do, all that you see and everything you experience. I wish for you, new things and original occurrences and I wish to share in these things with you…Beside you every step of the way.


Written with affection on the mind, and thoughts from the heart;

Love always,

-Mrs. Lindsay Brown


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