‘Love Thy Neighbor’

Lately I’ve felt the firm squash of pressure weighing down on me. There isn’t much reasoning for it, as I am not engaging in anything that truly over extends me, it is simply a whole lot of little things that have added up to become a looming heap of heaviness.


Yesterday I worked a long shift, it was one of those shifts that when you finally dump your tired body into your car you brace yourself for what feels like will be the longest drive home of your life. As I drove, my brain started to reel about the woes of life, the things I have yet to do, but are on the list that MUST get done in the utmost of conceivable time.

I must have been wearing quite a scowl on my face as I drove past my across-the-street neighbors whilst nearing my home, for they looked completely terrified of me.

Granted the clothes I wore were sullied with heavy duty cleaner solution which mingled with other unmentionable substances, my hair half falling out of its once neat pony tail and not a stitch of make-up in sight, I can imagine I looked a little worse for the wear.

My mood matched the way I looked and only decided to wave at my neighbors who sat out on their front stoop at the last minute, purely out of the impulsive reasoning that I didn’t want them to think I was dreadfully rude.  

They both gave me an enthusiastic wave back and for a moment I could literally feel my spirits lifting.

Funny how that happens…

I made my way out of the car and Kevin yelled from across the street, ‘Come over, what do you want red or white?’  Clearly these neighbors know me better than I do, I thought, because upon hearing the question I realized how badly I was in need of a drink.

I meandered across the street and collapsed heavily on the grass in front of where they sat. I could see the sympathetic look in their eyes, and for a split second thought I may be the most pathetic looking excuse for a human being that ever walked this realm. But only for a second.

And that is the wonderful thing about these neighbors of mine, since moving in, they have just been so…Neighborly.

So I sat with them while they fed me a few beer to perk me up and by the end of our visit, I felt like a new person. Without even knowing it these two awesome people picked me up out of a funk I hardly knew I was in.

Shellie told me about her upcoming walk for The Kidney Foundation, which I give her so much credit for doing. What an amazing feat, and I envy her determination. What an inspiration, I thought as she told me her of itinerary for the following week.

As I made my way home I thought to myself; I couldn’t have been in a worse mood as I struggled out of the car only an hour before. And now just from spending a mere 60 minutes in these peoples company, I truly don’t think I could have been in a better mood. I floated home, a smile rested gingerly on my face and the troubles I had stressed of earlier, tucked away for some later date.

Neighbors truly are a wonderful thing. They are the ones you share your homes vicinity with, and if allowed they can be some of the closest of friends. They are the ones who see you every day, on the good days and the bad.

So if you listen to anything I have to say, listen here; Do not take your neighbors for granted. Share with them, visit, allow them into the small corner of this earth you call home.

Because you just never know when one of those neighbors will come to your rescue, give you a beer, and simply be your friend- On one of those days when you truly need it.



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