How to Preserve Your Happy Marriage

A great deal more is put into a good marriage than what meets the eye. As it has been said; it is about give and take, a two way street of sorts.

Whether it’s been 2 years or 20, every couple needs a gentle reminder sometimes of why it is so important to keep this union of theirs fresh. Today I’ve wrote some helpful hints on how to preserve a happy marriage.

First and foremost; Always…ALWAYS let her be the star of the show.

Lyndzee 468_edited-4

Next, Allow quality time for friends…

Lyndzee 427_edited-2

Lyndzee 612_edited-2

Men, make sure your lady knows how truly sexy she really is.

Lyndzee 252_edited-1

And once you’ve finished all those thrilling activities with friends and told one another about the undying sex appeal you still have for each other, just take it all in.

Get back to the basics of life really.

Lyndzee 369_edited-3

Make sure to find that happy medium. Love tends to pull, always make sure you pull right back. Keep it even to allow your spouse to know, you’re working as much at this as he is.

Lyndzee 509_edited-1

Ladies, I’m not going to lie to you…Sometimes in life, a bunch of bitches will try to snag that man of yours!

Lyndzee 376_edited-1

Do Not Let This Happen! I repeat, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! You swoop in there…

By. Any. Means. Necessary.

Lyndzee 380_edited-1

Follow the swooping, by punching somebody in face. I am no fighter…But in this instance it simply must be done.

Lyndzee 384_edited-2

Come on Ladies, not only we like to be fought for!

And the result….

Lyndzee 397_edited-1

From then on out, he will try his damndest to get away from any unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

Done and Done.

Lyndzee 517_edited-1

And finally, whenever possible; situate yourselves to make-out in front of a willing group of individuals who will cheer and applaud you on.

It will give you this exhilarating feeling that really compares to no other and will completely diminish any doubts of your making-out ability you may of had.

Clearly if these people are cheering…You two look super sexy awesome!

* Disclaimer- None of the information in this post is meant to replace your having psychological assistance, if needed. If you are compelled to approach The Blogging Mama website with more questions or concerns about your marital issues, please look elsewhere since I feel that judging from the material you’ve just read…Seeking help from The Blogging Mama may be bit mentally unbalanced. And due to liability reasons, and the fact that you are probably bat shit crazy, The blogging Mama will be unable to direct you further in accordance to marital advice.

Tomorrow is the big day for Jamie and I.

2 whole years!

 I would like to wish a BIG, HUGE, ULTRA, Happy Anniversary to my wonderfully fab hubby!

You are still rocking my world babe…And, as long as we keep listening to the advice that I sloppily give out, we just may have many more years of happiness ahead!

Thank You for always being my everything and creating with me, our all!

Lyndzee 046_edited-2 Lyndzee 316_edited-1 Lyndzee 543_edited-2

All photography done by Imagine The Image Photography.

Check out the site, you will not be disappointed, I sure wasn’t!


4 thoughts on “How to Preserve Your Happy Marriage

    • Thank you so much I am very honored believe me, but at this time I’m going to have to amiably decline this prestigious award.

      I really do appreciate your nominating me though!!!

      And congrats to you on receiving yet another award! You are totally rocking this blogging thing!!!


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