“One Man’s Trash…”

Crap! It is all crap!

If you are a regular reader of The Blogging Mama, you may have noticed I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus on writing posts these last few days. This is BIG for me as I am usually posting once or even twice a day. It is not that this lack of writing has been through choice though.

In the last few days I’ve attempted writing about the baby Shower I put on for a new-mom friend. It went well, very well actually. But the post-post came out like demented drivel, so I scrapped it all together.

Just now I tried writing about the difference between Pre-children Me and Post-children Me, in regards to working. Meh…Nothing to write home about, so I chucked that one too.

Now, I sit here typing away words that have no real meaning as I watch Lars draw pirate ships on computer paper beside me.

I stop for about 5 minutes and become entranced in his artwork. He is explaining to me, the diagram that he draws out in blue and purple ink, and I am wonderstruck.

One year ago, this child could not draw a smiley faced stick character to save his life. And now, now he illustrates with finesse and ease.

I ask him to write his name for me on the picture, he does without thinking twice and again it makes me realize how far he has come since last season’s start of school.

Sophie meanders into the kitchen from her sleeping quarters. Her hair is in a state of upheaval. Her drooping eyes are barley seen through uncut bangs and I realize she is in need of another haircut.

As clear as day, she asks for a bowl of cereal and some juice. Again the realization of my children’s growing minds and bodies hit me.

After getting the girl her morning breakfast, I plunk myself back down at my station and instead of writing I think about The Blogging Mama. I think about my original premise for this thing, why I had started and where I originally wanted it to go.

Although I love writing, and at one time in my life it was indeed my most treasured pastime. I did not start this simply to write. I began The Blogging Mama to create a running log of the adventures…and sometimes misadventures of parenthood.

Now, a few months short of a year later and almost 100 posts not to mention all of you beautiful readers, I have something of substance here.

Something my children can look back on and laugh about, cry about and give us all a little perspective. This blog isn’t about the writing, although I do try my best. It is about the love this family of ours has for each other. It is about truth, because what is the point, if we cannot be truthful about our failings and our triumphs in the realm of parenthood.

It is about honesty, and being happy with what we have been given. I realize now, that I have been given this opportunity to share with all of you my experiences , and low and behold you actually read it! For that I am so thankful.

When I first began this post early this morning, I didn’t have much to say. I was feeling sorry for myself, not having the words to write about all of the dilemmas that burden my mind.

But now, as I write the last few lines of this script I realize that maybe this blog of mine isn’t just words and stories; maybe it is an outlet of sorts. And combined with honesty, nostalgia and of course a little bit of comic relief,  I will have something of sentimental value to give to my children in their adult years.

Sometimes in life, we may think that all we are spewing out is crap…But with a little perspective and some truthful thinking we can come to the conclusion that anything can come up golden.

Today, on this 93rd post of The Blogging Mama, I would like to give a big virtual hug to all of you readers. As well as a real one to my kidlets, who hopefully will not be too mortified about the tales I write of them, once old enough to read!


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