The Battle of the Babysitters!


Who do you leave your most precious entities with?


Lately I’ve been having a real rough go of the babysitting thing! Since starting work, I have looked in to a plethora of different childcare avenues and come to the conclusion that with the hours I work, and the amount of money I make, my only real choice is to hire a private baby sitter.

But how? Do I ask, does one find somebody to look after their babes, that is not a total nut job?

In the last month I have been through several sitters. The first one, was a gem. The kids loved her, she would give me a full report of what they had done during the day while I was gone to work, and she kept up their nutritious diet.

Oh how lovely it was to not have a care in the world, while working away and knowing my kids were in safe and capable hands.

But of course, this all came abruptly to an end. And that was when my entire world came crashing down around me.

The woman approached me one unforeseen morning, explaining she had some family issues to deal with and could no longer watch the kids. Although I had a slight feeling of concern for her and her woes, my true feelings were;


I could lock her up in my basement, I thought. That way she would be here at my beck and call, whenever I needed her.

No, no. In retrospect, that may have came off a tad crazy, so I’m glad my better judgment stepped in. I gracefully thanked the woman for the time she had spent with the kids, and started on with my quest to find a new sitter.

The next sitter was a girl who I certainly will not be naming. But unfortunately, had some difficulties with.

These difficulties included not feeding the children whilst watching them. Apparently this girl did not enjoy sunlight either, as on the beautiful summer days in which I was toiling away at work, she had the offspring locked in the house watching SpongeBob and playing angry birds on the computer.

And in addition to starving my children (it wasn’t that bad, she fed them popsicles) and harbouring their little pale bodies indoors, she did not clean up a single thing.

Now maybe I have just been jaded from the world of babysitting for too long. But I remember a day when I would sit others kids, and in order to receive that money that I knew lay gingerly in the pocketbook of the mothers handbag…I DID ME SOME CLEANING!

I wanted that woman to come home and be impressed with the dwelling, the happiness of her kids and I wanted to be asked back for another shift.

And I always was.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, was when my darling daughter Sophie, cried for over an hour when I mentioned this babysitter was going to come and watch her, while Mama went to work. I know my children well enough to distinguish between a ‘fake- I just want some attention’ cry and a ‘real- don’t leave me with that bitch’ cry. It was the latter.

So time to begin the search for yet another sitter.

Thankfully I have my Mom, Jamie’s Mom, My sister-in-law and the little next door neighbor girls to fill in for me until I find some permanency in this department. But the struggle continues, each day I wake with the knowledge that it is a slippery slope I deal with in this venture.

Our children are the most important thing to us, and worth putting our utmost time and effort into to finding suitable care for their always growing needs.

So again I will search!

Do you have any ‘Bad Babysitting’ stories? Do you find it as difficult as I to find good childcare? I would love to hear your stories!  


4 thoughts on “The Battle of the Babysitters!

  1. I have a story about that. No, it isn’t about me. It’s about Mom. My parents got 2 stay-in helpers…. well something happened to my siblings, like my sister fell off the couch, on a tiled floor and she was just 6 months old. So my parents calculated how much my Mom was getting ( her salary ) and how much they were paying the 2 helpers plus their board and lodging… it wasn’t worth it. So they dismissed the 2 helpers and Mom became a stay home Mom,


  2. Is there enough space for me to talk about my babysitting nightmares? I’ve tried licensed home day cares, non- licensed home day cares, as well as someone coming into my home. Oh boy!!! No one will take care of your child the way you will.. Yes, I’ve had to be in school full time and feeling like the worst mother in the world all because I knew my son would have to be in day care for about 10 hours a day and wilting away due to starvation and dehydration. I watched my child (who is already on the small side) lose weight. He began to look like a starving homeless child. Why on earth was I spending an arm and a leg on child care so that my child would be underfed? And she had the nerve to tell me that my child was eating “too much.” IMAGINE THAT!! My child was eating too much and yet he was underweight? Hmmmm. Then came the price gouging, and the filthy day care facilities and providers who would go back on their word and leave you hanging the day you had an exam. On top of that, there was bullying that was overlooked. Oh No!!! I think I’m having flashbacks. Needless to say, I’m working full time now, my schedule is not the traditional 9 to 5 and I still have reservations…. the dilemma of a working mother. Maybe one day I will find the holy grail of daycare and share it with you 🙂


    • I would welcome the information of and when you ever find it! But it is at the very least, comforting to know I’m not the only one with these babysitting troubles! That sounds like quite the go of it you had!!! I wish you the best of luck in your future sitter endeavors!!!! Lol 🙂 thanks for the comment!


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