That F*!@$% Giraffe Puzzle!


Oh giraffe puzzel, how you toy with me

you say your recommended ages, are from one to three

if this is so; then tell me please

Why for me, you’re not a breeze?


A 27 year woman; educated…Bright

Yet when I try to assemble you, all I get is plight.

Why oh why giraffe puzzle, do you tease me so

You quickly are becoming, an awfully nasty foe.


The children can gather you into your neatly place

Shouting joy and ecstasy, when finally seeing your face.

and there I am, feeling angst, against my own blood brood

For they have spent me in my quest to see you fully viewed.


And now I try again puzzle, to finish you in a scoff

Oh you fucking giraffe puzzle, you’re really pissing me off!

Once again I indisputably fail

Whilst a two and four year old conquer and prevail.


Maybe I have been quite harsh with you Giraffe Puzzle

But once I get you, you hatred thing…I’ll place on you a muzzle!

I no longer care of your feelings, you stupid silly thing

You spite me every go-of-it with your subtle sting.


So possibly this time, you have justly won

But know this, giraffe puzzle, we are nowhere close to done!

I will continue on, to struggle with your pieces

Until the day I overcome;  and all this madness ceases!


So watch out giraffe puzzle…Watch your parted back

For never again will I, endure your clever flak!

Until we meet again puzzle, I will bid adieu

But not of the pleasant kind…More reminiscent of SCREW YOU!


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