BEST BLOGGIN’ DAY EVER…Until I realized what I was in for!

What a great day today was! As soon as I had logged onto my WordPress account, I had that magical orange glowing box summoning me from the top right hand corner of the screen.
And low and behold, I have been nominated for a blogging award!

Well I have seen these blogging awards floating around WordPress, and always secretly wished that I would receive one…But did not get my hopes very high.

FINALLY it has happened! Haaaaawzaa!


A lovely blogger whose blog goes by the name of “Kids “R” Simple” has awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award, and I bestow many thanks to her of appreciation! Click the name, to view her blog, it’s a great read!

So, with these Blogoshere awards, comes rules as well, and here they are;
1. Proudly place your award where all can see it!
2. Let your readers know you’ve received this award, and link it back to your nominator to give a big ol’ shout out of thanks to them!
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers with the award!
4. Give your nominees a heads up you’ve nominated them by commenting on one of their posts.
5. List 7 super awesome interesting facts about yourself!
So without further ado, the 15 bloggers I present this award to…
1. ZooBoo- You must read this girls blog…Phenomenally awesome, I have no other words to describe her imagination!
2. Pouring My Art Out- This dude is wired…I’m not going to lie, but he is hilarious! A must read!

3. Ramblings From A Mum- A beautifully written blog, covering many topics, I always look forward to her new posts!

4. Carrieblueberry- I’m not sure if Carrie already has this award, because it would not surprise me if she does! She is a wonderful writer and I really enjoy reading her work.

5. AUNTYUTA- Aunty Uta writes about her and her husbands travels and daily adventures. She has great tidbits of her daily life which I so enjoy reading!

6. Coming Out Of My Shell- A gallery of cute antidotal pictures, which provide a fresh take on life.

7.  I Might Have Thought What You Said- This blog is so awesome, because it is totally true. Random thoughts that I’m sure EVERYONE thinks….Hilarious!

8. B(itch)Log- Awesome Mommy blog…Well more than a mommy blog, a lot more! If you like it how it is, this is the B(itch)Log for you.  Check her out!

9. Random Letters To The World- Probably some of the funniest letters I’ve ever read!

10. Another Wandering Soul- This site is filled with amazing poetry, which is truthful and oh so beautiful! Although she is not a huge fan of these blogging awards I still felt the need to nominate her, as her writing always uplifts me.

11. The Official How To Blog– Seriously funny stuff! Take a look, it will not disappoint.

12. Dadicus Grinch- This man can write about ANYTHING and make it meaningful. Wonderful writer he is, and I love reading his stuff.

13. renxkyoko’s space- This girl I just adore! She writes about a plethora of topics always with a fresh and interesting outlook. Always a great read.

14. Lisa Johnson Sawyer- I haven’t seen Lisa post for a while, but I always enjoy reading her blog. She has a wonderful writing style and always provides fun topics to read about!

And finally, I’ve decided to add this poor shmuck in, since he needs to gain a few readers as his community consists of solely me.

15. Hoteliers View– A blog about the staffers in a hotel.

Okay WOW that was a lot of work…No wonder some people do not participate in this! I kid, I kid, every single link and word totally worth it!

Alrighty, so what am I supposed to do now? *Scrolls back to the top to see the rules list.

hmmm…7 facts about me…Well let’s see here….

1. I, uh, like to write…Um ?

2. I enjoy long walks on the….

Ok my list already sucks, let me try again;

1. From the ages of 10 to about 12 and a half, I believed there was a tiny man living in my wall as there was a miniscule hole located in the cheap ply board of my bedroom….I  lived in complete and utter fear for those two and a half years.

2. I am terrified…No petrified of birds. I literally hate nothing more than birds, and yet am conflicted as I realize they are a important part of our eco system.

3. I just now realized something I am more afraid of than birds, and that is Zombies. Some may say an irrational fear, I do not agree. Maybe not the walking dead kind of Zombies, but like definitely the apocalyptic diseased kind of Zombies that’s symptoms are human flesh eating, and erratic bodily flailing. Scary. Shit.

4. I gained over 80 pounds when I was pregnant with my son…Don’t tell anyone okay?!

5. I really wish I was on number 7 of this list, man alive, what I will do for a blogging award!

6. I published a poetry book. A Fervour of Truth- Chronicling the Life of a Poet. Check it out it’s awesome!

7. I am currently very curious as to why they ask for seven facts about yourself for the versatile blogging award. Is it random? Or is there some slight reasoning to it?

Alright, done like dinna! (That was supposed to be *dinner, but cool sounding…Maybe a fail. I tried.)

Truth be told to all of you people I just nominated for this award, I will not be put out if you decide not to participate in this…It is a ridiculous amount of work (especially for someone who is as self involved as me) just for a little picture on your sidebar under the words ‘My Award’.

But never the less, time put in, I am still grateful for the thing.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


12 thoughts on “BEST BLOGGIN’ DAY EVER…Until I realized what I was in for!

  1. Thank you so much for the recognition. That is very kind of you. I am humbled by your description of my blog. I am smiling at your enthusiasm, too. I’m sure this is the first of many awards for you. Enjoy.


  2. Haha! Go you and congratulations on the award. Your right though about too much work. Lol. That’s why I don’t participate anymore either! 🙂

    You made me laugh about the little man. 🙂
    I have 2 weiros (small parrots) I’ve had birds all sorts since I left home years ago. They are great companions. The big parrots can be scary especially if they aren’t hand reared!

    Hugs Paula xxx


    • I think my phobia of birds originated from a parrot actually. My grandma had all sorts of birds when I was growing up…Like seriously, parrots…I don’t know some kind of little bird that sort of looked like a parrot (clearly I blocked out any information she had tried to give me pertaining to her flying friends) she even had a robin that she saved off the street…And get this, she fed it table scraps-THIS THING WAS HUGE!

      Anyways back to my story, I never really minded the birds when I was younger and visiting ol’ grams. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t feel at ease around them by any means, I just simply ignored them. But then one day, George (that was the parrots name) came at me, and he came at me hard!

      He’s flinging his wings all up in my 12 year old face, screeching, and I have no idea what I’ve done to bring this madness on! and might I mention I am still at this age trying to get over the little man who had been residing in my wall.

      George also liked to swear.

      So there George is swooping me, and flinging his wings at me, swearing like a bloody sailor.

      It was traumatizing, what can I say. Scarred me for life. Who knows, looking back I more than likely provoked the poor thing, but the damage is done now. Never again will I be able to take my kids to the sea, without being in constant fear of a seagulls swoop.

      HA! Thanks for the comment, I’ve just been over at your site and LOVE IT. Can’t wait to read more!

      -Lindsay 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Ramblings From A Mum and commented:
    I have been kindly given a Versatile Blogger Award, as most of you know I don’t accept Awards anymore, but in gratitude, I am re-blogging so that the my readers can go and take a peek at the other nominees of ‘The Blogging Mama’ and also her site. Thank you Blogging Mama for your kindness and saying I’m ‘awesome’ your incoming started my day with a lovely smile. 🙂 x


  4. Hello and I thank you so much for the Award – I do not accept anymore – my reward is that people enjoy what I write and they are kind enough to follow. I shall though in gratitude as I have done in the past do a post with your other nominees so that my readers can take a peek at them too – if this is okay? I hope you are not offended. Thank you again so much, it is lovely to be thought enough about to have an Award bestowed. x


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