50 reasons ‘I Love The Shit Out of You’!

Husband, you are incredible.

Husband, we have had a rough go of it lately. We have been dragged down, ran thin and put to the test. But husband, we have got through it together, and we will continue on stronger than ever.

The other day you sent me this…


I love the shit out of you too, no matter what life throws at us, I will ALWYAS love the shit out of you. And that is why husband, I have dedicated today’s post to you.

I love the shit out of you because….

1. Of your dedication as a father.

2. Your ability to make me smile, when I am so pissed at you. That stupid face you make…You know the one. It’s hilarious.

3. Your ‘old man’ mentality. I swear you could be 60, if it wasn’t for your charming good looks.

4. Your charming good looks.

5. The fact that you literally wiped my butt…(This is a very difficult feat, 2 days after a C-Section that went terribly wrong.) after the treacherous birth of our son. And you stayed by my backside side the whole time.

6.  Your sarcasm…As much as I tell you I hate this trait of yours, I really do love it.

7. Your family, whom has become my family; and a part of my life I now could not imagine living without.

8. Your intelligence. All of that knowledge that is stored within your mind, just waiting for somebody to listen to. I will always be that listening ear for you.

9.  I love your intolerance, yes that’s right you heard me. I love your intolerance because it gives us something to squabble about, which in turns provides us new insight to one another.

10. Your eyes.

11. The way ‘slapstick’ comedy makes you giggle.

12. Our first kiss.

13.Our second kiss, and every one thereafter.

14. The way you can make our daughter laugh. I am convinced that no one else can make her hoot that hysterically.

15. I really enjoy your strange skeleton feet, they were a bit hard to get used to in the beginning, but I’ve grown to love them.

16. The fact that you never complain about me blogging our personal lives for the world to read.

17.  When every so often, you will let this small spiritual side of you shine through…I love that so much.

18.  When you cleaned up my vomit after my first venture back into drinking red wine, following the long dry stint of pregnancy. It was a messy situation, and you dealt with it flattering.

19.  How you do not change when you are around your friends.

20.  I love how you let me pretend to be the boss.

21.  How you make me happy.

22. How you support me in my various endeavors.

23.  Your strength.

24. How you don’t complain when I nick you with the clippers when shaving your head. I just can’t seem to get it right.

25. How you have amiably stepped back from asking me to shave your head.

26.  In times of quiet, how you look at me with a love I can’t describe. Oh how I adore that.

27. The disoriented and weird manner you have, when I wake you up in the mornings.

28. Drunk Jamie…Oh how I love drunk Jamie, couldn’t handle him all of the time…But in the few instances he does surface, he is spectacular.

29. How you believe in our parenting, how you believe in us.

30. How you always have my back when I get in a pickle.

31.  How your kisses on my forehead have come to feel like home.

32. The way you baby me when I am sick.

33. The way you tell me to give it up, when I am going overboard and being a baby.

34. The respect you have for your Mum.

35.  The way you say T.V. (Teeee-V)

36. How you totally disregard the fact that I’ve asked you not to tickle me anymore.

37. The fact that when you do tickle me, I’m pretty sure you secretly hope I pee my pants, simply so you can make fun of me.

38.  How you’ve become so close with my family, despite your being different in personality types.

39.  How you read your World War 2 Chronicles book aloud to Lars, as though it is supposed to interest him.

40. The fact that the only decor input you had when moving into the house was that you insisted there be a World Map in every room.

41. The way you dance when only ‘Drunk Jamie’ comes around.

42.  The way you pretend to play your games on the computer, but are secretly watching Desperate Housewives right along with me.

43. How you get so uppity every time I tell you I did not like the movie ‘Hot Rod’.

44. How you sat through ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with me…MORE THAN ONCE!

45. When you diplomatically put on Meatloaf’s ‘Hot Patootie’ to make me smile when I’m in ‘one of my moods’.

46. Your ability to deal with me…Enough said!

47.  The uninhibited love you have for our little family.

48. The 12 hour work days you toil with, simply to make our life more comfortable.

49. Your dreams for us all.

and Finally the 50th reason why I love the shit out of you Jamie Brown;


3 words…Total. Trophy.  Husband.



16 thoughts on “50 reasons ‘I Love The Shit Out of You’!

  1. this is the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing i’ve read in quite a long time… so real and palpable – you have me in tears here… thanks for the warmth you shared here – a true beauty.


  2. I love your list (50 Reasons!). This is really quite incredible! 🙂
    Thanks for looking at my posts today. 🙂
    Was it Easter when I looked at one of your posts?
    I initiated now to follow your blogs. I very much like your style of writing. 🙂 Cheerio, Auntyuta.


  3. haha Thanks! It wasn’t easy getting him to watch RHPS but in the end I think he secretly liked it lol And yes I must agree with you, I do think we were meant for each other 🙂

    Thanks for reading and for the comment!


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