‘Crowning Moments’

I officially have a new appreciation as to what my husband and family went through when watching me go through labour. At the time, I was totally and utterly self absorbed…As most women are when this alarming time comes.

It didn’t even cross my mind, that they may have been feeling upset, anxious, scared and frustrated that they could not do anything to help me through the grisly pains of uterine contractions.

As I sat in the hospital room with my best friend, her Husband, Mother and Sister and viewed the 60 second plus contractions course through her, I felt helpless, I’m sure we all did. And although the knowledge that every woman goes through this pain to receive the greatest gift they will ever get, a helpless and desolate air still hung over us.

I tried to busy myself in the small room, getting the girl ice water and cold face clothes, yet every time another one hit, I wished only that I could take that pain away from my friend whom I love so very much.

As we ventured closer to the moment of baby’s arrival, I begin wondering if I am to stay in the room at the time of delivery? Oh my good God, I think, if I am having trouble dealing with watching her have mild to moderate contractions, there is no way I will be able to stand watching her endure that kind of strain.

Panic begins to rise up in me…I frantically start looking around the room to find an ‘out of the way’ corner to crawl into if things start to progress fast and I can’t get out in time. There is nowhere to be found, and all too soon I am noticing how truly cramped this room really is.

But even in her time of strife, my bestest friend comes to my rescue. She tells her mother that she does not want everyone crowding the room at the time of delivery.

Her sister Jenise and I, make our way to the family lounge room with relief, I believe, hanging over both of our heads.

Emily Lynn, was born at 1:44am July 19th, and after 20 some hours of labour we all thanked the heavens she finally made her appearance.

And what a beauty this little girl is.

The feeling of holding this child in my arms for the first time was obviously different, than when I held my own…But the love I felt instantly for her was no less.

This little babe, who I am physically holding for the first time has all too soon captured my heart. I feel like I have known her much longer than these first few moments. I know from this day forward she will have me wrapped around her itsy bitsy finger, and oh how I look forward to spoiling her, the way an Auntie can.

How blessed I feel, that I was given the allowance to share with Janelle and Frankie this beautiful time in their lives.

And pride swells within me for everything they have went through to get this babe to the physical world and into our grasp.

After spending a considerable amount of time with Janelle`s family during her labouring time, I have a new appreciation as to how much Emily will be loved. And how wonderful of a family unit she has been born into.

And finally I would like to thank all of the people involved, for allowing me to participate in this momentous occasion.

Welcome to the world Emily! May all of your dreams in this lifetime come true.



4 thoughts on “‘Crowning Moments’

  1. I have actually watched a friend give birth and yes…that instant love thing….She might not be biologically my child but she is mine too. wrapped around my pinkey and I will defend her with every breath just like i would for my own


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