5:30 AM Wake Up Call!

It’s 5:30 am and I awake to my cell phone ringing…

Who the hell is calling me at this time?

I stumble my way towards the kitchen and see the name ‘Nelly’ on the screen of the device as it sings its catchy tune. All too soon I realize this is not just another coffee telephone chat she is wanting to engage in; No, this call means business.

I fumble the thin phone in my hands while trying to slide the bar on the touch screen over to receive the call…I miss it only by a nanosecond.

Ok Lindsay, this is no time to freak out, call her back….CALL HER BACK!

“Hey what’s up?” I try to keep my voice level, for her sake.

“On my way to the hospital.”

“Oh my god that is so awesome! Yay!” If I wasn’t awake before, I sure am now with the realization that soon my best friend will be giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

“How far apart are your contractions?”

“They aren’t bad at all, my water broke, I felt this weird pinching and then it just broke.”

Were we not just saying on the phone yesterday that, we both thought she was going to be in for the long haul, and figured she would have to be induced in eleven days from now, as we assumed baby was all to content to stay in there? I think to myself, but decide not sully the moment with the thought out loud.

I hear my best friend and her husband speaking in the background and listen to the conversation they are having.

“Hun do you need me to get you a bottle of water for the hospital?”

“No I’m okay.”

“Well you are going to want some water while you’re in there.”

“They will have water there.”

Frankie, her husband’s voice has a shade of panic to it, much like my husband’s did at the birth of our first child. She though, she is strong. Cool, calm and collected, she is focused; much to the extent I have always known her to be.

“Okay, well I have to work this morning, but I will boot it in to the hospital right afterwards…and make sure Frankie keeps me posted okay!?”

“My contractions aren’t very bad right now, so it might be a while…but ya we will keep you posted!”

“Okay, good luck. I love you!”

“Love you too.”


As I place the cellular device on the table, the realization of it all hits me. My best friend, the person who may very well know me, and I her, better than anyone else on this earth, is going to have a baby.

I start bawling.

I stand there in my kitchen at 5:45 in the morning blubbering tears of beautiful joy and hyperventilating a little, thinking of the wonder and awe that will oh so soon be new life.

I think of the adventures that Janelle and I have shared over our 15 plus years of friendship; the fights, the laughs, the ridiculously crazy mishaps that only we hold the memories to, and I revel in the thoughts.

After some undetermined amount of time, I realize I should pull myself together. Howling like I am, will either wake up my children or Jamie and right now I want to be alone to celebrate this momentous occasion.

I try to collect my thoughts, and know that there is only one thing to do at this time.

So presently, I sit on this computer, typing away a blog post. What I wish I could be doing is clambering up atop my homes roof and screaming to the world (my neighborhood) that my best friend is having a baby today, but I realize that would not be in my best interest.

So I will write.

I will write about how proud I am of her, and how I know she will surpass any expectations I had, because plainly that is just who she is. Janelle is determined, a strong-minded fighter, and will go to any lengths imaginable to have that child in her grasp.

I will write about how wonderful of a father I know Frankie will be. How he will cherish that little babe with an adoration that he has never known before, that no man has ever known until the first time they hold their child.

I will write about change, and despite how much you try to prepare for something like this, one can never truly imagine what that feeling of bringing life into this world involves. How awesomely beautiful it truly is.

And finally I will write about love. How the birth of your child will bring on an overpoweringly new fangled love into your life. A love that cannot be tried, or tested. A love that will reign fierce against all adversity and strife, because this love was created by you.

It is a love that will pull you together when things get tough. A love that will make you smile in the quietest of moments and a love that once here, can never be diminished, only grown into something more beautiful each passing day you know it.

So now I will end this post on congratulations to my dear friends Janelle and Frankie…Because once again the sentimentality has gotten to me and I weep salty tears of bliss atop my keyboard.

I will end by saying this to you, my friends; There is no greater joy than the birth of your child. Today may bring anxiety and strain, but tomorrow you will find it all forgotten, for you will have your babe wrapped lovingly around you.

“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” ~ Laura Stavoe Harm


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