Favorites of ‘The Blogging Mama’

As of recently, my schedule has become a lot more busy, hindering my ability to come up with witty and awesome blog posts.

I promise to you, my dedicated readers, that I will ponder up some new material in the near future…But for now I have complied a list of my favorites from the 70 plus posts I have wrote thus far.

Maybe this is a vain attempt to draw in new readers without doing any real work, or keep the ones I do have interested, regardless here it is.

Hope you enjoy!

The Double Edged Coin- One of the first posts I wrote, about the pro’s and con’s of living with your adult siblings.

It’s The Best Time of the Year- A tale about Christmas and the wonders of bribery.

And, Just When you Think You’re Winning- And the moral of this story…Kids Always win!

I Am The Wall- The perspective of a 4 year olds bedroom wall.

The Calculating Letter- On this day, I received a letter from the infamous flu bug…You can read it here.

“April Forms”- The beautiful things that come from toddlers.

Gratitude- A reminder to enjoy the life you’ve been given.

Down on the freeway of Cowboy Trail- A poem dedicated to my brother.

I’m Sorry, Could you Repeat  That Please?- On learning to talk.

The Untidy Life of Kids- One from the ‘poop diaries’.

You know you’ve blogged to far when…- The up’s down’s and all around’s of life as a blogger.

USE THE BAG- Problems in the shower department.

Shit Weasel- Just one of the classics!

I should’ve looked before I leapt!- Basically exactly what the title says…

If I had been looking where I was going…- A story about how easily pretty shiny things can distract me.

Legends of the Night- A frightening true story.

Thank God I’m not the Only One- Cart licking in the grocery store.

I Will Love you- For my children, as much as I bug you…I will always love you!

If you are a reader of the Blogging Mama, do you agree with my list of favorites? What posts from the past have you enjoyed?


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