Notes of Congratulations to a Sister

This post is for a girl who I have come to know as my sister. Although she is not of blood relation, she is a sister none the less. This is for a girl whom I call my sister, but am also happy to call my friend. This is for a person who I have learned from, despite her younger years.

Heather, this post is for you.

Today, I would like to announce how proud I am of you. Tomorrow, I will be attending your high school graduation, and am so looking forward to the occasion.
Heather you have worked so hard the last year, for this upcoming day. Revel in this time, you deserve it whole-heartedly.

Thinking of this monumental place you have arrived, reminds me of days past, and how our relationship has evolved. From the moment I first began dating your older brother; A time when you shied away from me, a time when you didn’t know what to make of the peculiar girl that was suddenly brought into your existence.

But over the years, I feel (as I fervently hope you do) we have created this bond. A thing that will only grow stronger with days to come.

To me, our relationship is not an instance of in-law-ery (I’m sure, with all the English studying you’ve been doing, you will be saying to yourself, ‘that is not a word Lindsay’) but a rapport, that I personally have not established with many others.

You Heather, are my sister, and I am chalk full of sisterly pride for you at this moment.

In the past we have fought, and we probably will still argue about silly things in the future. But in the end, that is okay, because this is what family does.

And I am so happy to be able to call you family.

A few days ago, you nonchalantly addressed me as ‘having a big mouth…’ for a split second I passionately attempted to rebut this claim of yours.

You, in your very cool way, said ‘No Lindsay, it’s just a fact. You have a big mouth. But you are really good to talk to too.’

Forcing me to accept my plight as the sister/friend with the big mouth, but also feel touched that you feel comfortable enough to accept this flaw of mine, and still enjoy talking to me.

Heather, I so love hanging out and talking with you too. Over the last 5 years (but in reality longer) I have really got to watch you grow into the young woman you are today. You have changed, matured, advanced into this awesome person.

In present days, you are so assured, open and able.

After the determination you have showed in this last year, preparing for exams and the ending of this chapter of life, I know without doubt, that you will do phenomenal in all that’s held for you in the future.

Okay, okay this post has turned into a bit of a blubbery sap-fest, so I will draw to an end.
I will finish by again voicing my pride and adoration for you Heather, and how excited I am to be able to celebrate with you the end of these high school years.

As well as the new and exciting prospects for a future that holds anything you’d like.


Because now, is when the real fun begins!


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