Black Eyed Children Hypothetical’s

Today, my Sister-in-law Ashley was over for a visit. As we sat on my smoldering hot deck and watched the children play in their paddling pool, our conversation took a turn….A turn in which we will never be able to backtrack from.  A turn, that will haunt me for days to come.

You see Ashley and I, from the time we were young, have always been terrified yet, strangely intrigued by the super natural…scary kind of stuff. And for some reason, continue into adulthood to challenge our terror with these crazy hypothetical’s towards each other in regards to anything frightening.

So my wonderful friend, decides to bring to my attention, this Urban Legend about little children that show up unannounced at your door or car window asking to be let in.

Hey they’re afraid, cold, scared of course you would let a kid in right?…


Like seriously something is going on there, if even the white’s of their eyes are black right?

And in this Legend it says that these ‘demon’ children will appear asking for solace in your home. If you let them in? Well basically, I’m assuming you’re done for.

Unfortunately I do not have a link for you, to read more about this myth, because quite frankly it creeps me out way too much to delve any deeper into researching the issue.

But in Ashley and mines morbid sense of conversation, this is the hypothetical that somehow progressed between us;

Lindsay: Okay, Throwing a hypothetical your way…The hour is Midnight.

Pitch Black.

You hear a child crying outside on your back deck. You look through the blinds and standing there is what looks like Lars and Sophie.  They even sound like Lars and Soph…

Only difference; Their eyes are completely black! Duh Duh Duh (This is my attempt at scary soundtrack music)

They are crying to you, almost in a melodic tune, ‘Auntie Ash-uh-leeee pweease let us in, we are cold and scared…We loveeee you.”

Ashley: Good question, I enjoyed your enthusiasm in the soundtrack…

My answer is simple;

I’d call you and tell you your children are standing on my back deck.

Then when you came to get them, they would be at your car window waiting for you, and asking to be let in! DUN DUN DUN (obviously a better soundtrack)

Lindsay: Great answer…Very clever thinking on your part.

Ashley: So the question now lies with you.

Imagine you have sent the kids to a sitters house for the night, to get some down time.

So…The kids could possibly be at my house, having escaped from the sitters. Or they could be at the sitters, snuggled cozily in their temporary beds.

Do you let them into your car?

You call the sitter at the late hour and no answer, possibly out looking for your children or…in bed, knowing your children are safe in bed upstairs.

Because just to let you know, I certainly wouldn’t be letting them in. I’d throw them a blanket and tell them you are on your way to get them…Bottom line, I’m not taking any chances!

Lindsay: Hmmm, this is difficult.

Honestly in the heat of the moment, I’m sure I would let them in without even noticing their eyes. I would be so distressed that they were in the street in the middle of the night.

I don’t think I could turn away my own kids, even if they were only demon images of my kids…It would just seem too much like them!

But I suppose that is just the risk you run, when you have kids…Unable to ignore scary as hell demon creatures, that happen to be your children’s look-a-like.

Ashley: You’re a better Mama than I’d ever be!!!!

So,  you just have let the demon children into your vehicle…

When you suddenly get a call from the sitter, that has finally woke up to your obsessive calling. She tells you she is looking right at your children sleeping in her home….

Lindsay: Oh I would bail, I would bail out of that moving car so fucking fast it would make their little demon heads spin!


But, that’s only if I’m not already getting the life force sucked out of me, by treacherous Satan spawns. I’m under the impression that they more than likely work fast…Little bastards!

Several moments of silence

Ashley: This rant of our is becoming a blog post isn’t it?

Lindsay: Yes, Ashley…Yes it is.


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