Toy Box Banter

“Auntie Ashley is having a baby, right Mama?”

“Yes she is.”

“Well I think, when the baby comes out of her bum, the baby will live in my toy box, so I can hang out with the baby all the time.”

I decide to let the ‘coming out of the bum’ part go. I feel that further explanation will lead to a conversation I am not ready to have with my four year old son yet.

“Well don’t you think the baby will want to live with Auntie Ashley and Uncle Dustin?”

“Maybe, but I think the baby will have a lot more fun in my toy box.”

“I’m sure the baby would love to come over and visit. But babies need their Mommies and Daddies to be really happy and healthy. So I think we will just have the baby over for visits for now.”

A moment for contemplation from the boy.

“Well maybe when the baby comes over I will hide it in my toy box.”

“How about we have the baby over for a sleepover when it gets a bit bigger?”

“Can he sleep in my toy box?”



“Because it will be a baby, and babies do not belong in toy boxes.”

“Aunties baby will love being in the toy box.”

“Why do you want the baby in your toy box so bad?”

“Because babies can’t walk, so if it stays in my toy box it will never crawl away from me.”

Interesting thought process, I suppose.

“Lars, as long as you are a nice big cousin, the baby won’t want to crawl away from you. So you won’t need to keep it in your toy box.”

Yet another contemplating moment for the child.

“Ok, I guess the baby doesn’t need to be in the toy box…But Mama?”

“Yes Lars?”

“If the baby does ever wants to crawl away from me, can I put him in my toy box?”

“No Lars, no you can’t.”

And the realization that I may have to get rid of the potential infant harbouring toy box has suddenly surfaced.


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