So you want a piece of watermelon?

Today you are feeling an extra kind of extraordinary…

There is only one slice of watermelon left. It sits unconcealed on the countertop, up for grabs by anyone. You have just returned from grocery shopping and forgot to get another one of these delicious summer melons.

You want that piece.  You want it bad.

You glance over at the children, whom you know will be asking for the beloved pink innards of the fruit at any moment…Time is of the essence.

As you reach for it the younger child makes her way towards you. Quickly sidestep in front of the area where it lies!!! Out of sight out of mind, right?

She asks for a cookie, and you are quick to agree. Maybe a little too quick as she gives you a questioning glance that makes you a tad nervous that the two and a half year old has caught on to your deviate ways.

But all is good as the child makes her way back to the living room to watch more SpongeBob Square Pants.

Spinning around magnificently, you grab the oversized piece of deliciousness, run into the walk in pantry and slam the door. You begin cramming the melon into your eating orifice! You can hear the children stirring only mere feet away from you on the other side of the closed door. If they see you eating this, all hell will break loose.

You justify your act by telling yourself that those little gluttons ate the other 90% of this thing, so you deserve at the very least this! In spite of your having to hide to eat it.

Act quickly.

You propel the stuff into your mouth in the darkened larder. Devising this strange throat gyration movement that allows it to glide gracefully down your gullet.  Transparent pink juices are streaming out the corners of your mouth and possibly, you are finding it a little hard to breathe. Regardless, you press on.

It is wonderful, and in this moment you are so glad that you decided to hoard this last piece of watermelon.

Once finished, you feel victorious. Like you have won some sort of battle of wits against the little people in your life.

You wipe the liquid away from your soggy mouth, and exit the pantry closet.

This is not the first time you have hid from the kids to eat something you wanted in secret.

More than likely it will not be the last.

So this is what it has come to, you think; having to hide away from tiny eyes to eat your watermelon, in fear you might have to share it with your wee ones. And on top of that, assuming you have prevailed in some extraordinary way over the minds of a two and four year old.

And that’s okay, because even parents are allowed sometimes, to have their cake (or watermelon) and eat it too.


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