If I had been looking where I was going…

Just a quick post pertaining to my inability to be a normal human being…And the fact that I must blog ANYTHING that happens out of the ordinary on a daily basis…more than likely, I suspect, this is why I get little to nothing done in a day.

It is 2:30 pm, Lars is at school and Soph is watching Bubble Guppies on the tube while I am trying to figure out what I am going to scrounge together for dinner.

Sausages and perogies…easy, quick, little effort needed, PERFECTO!

I am making my way down to the basement to get the sausages from the deep freeze when something pretty catches my eye. It is the frills at the bottom of my favorite bohemian style skirt ever so gracefully trailing down the stairs I have just descended.

Oh my! That is just wonderful, I am so utterly happy that I caught that moment of prettiness.

And for some strange reason I feel the need to look at this beauty in motion while I continue to walk down the stairs.

This was a bad idea.

You see when making your way down a flight of stairs I would hope that most people would realize that one should be looking forward; not backwards while being distracted by the bright-colored garment of clothing.

If I had been looking where I was going and not at my damn skirt, I would have seen that Thomas The Train figurine.

If I had been looking where I was going, and not at my damn skirt, I surly would have noticed that there was a tid bit of dog turd at the bottom of the stairs.

If I would have been looking where I was going…and not at my damn skirt; I am positive I would have avoided stepping directly on the small train, causing me to topple over and awkwardly roll down 5 more stairs and consequentially avoid landing in dog shit that smeared its way all over my favorite bohemian style skirt.

So friends, despite how pretty some things may be when they catch your eye, pay attention to your surroundings. For it only takes a mere moment that your life will take a drastic turn, and somehow in the wink of an eye you will be nursing a sore neck,  whilst covered in dog poo, lamenting about soiling your favorite bohemian style skirt.



4 thoughts on “If I had been looking where I was going…

  1. How beauty in anything and everything can be distracting..I am glad you did not injure yourself and you have inspired me to write something now – so thank you and I’m glad your skirt and YOU survived the ordeal. x


    • Thanks for the comment, I’m glad we survived too! Ha! And how happy I am to hear that I have inspired you to write, usually it is your posts that inspire me to write something!



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