The Sad Sad Shadow of the Blogging Mama

First of all I would like to say thank you to all who commented and shared my last post, I was thrilled with the amount of views I received.

Now that I have your attention, I would like to turn matters to a more serious subject.

Someone very close to me has been the butt of my neglect.

Oh how the guilt has surfaced and has left me feeling horrid! Now I must make amends, and turn wrongs to rights.

I may have taken on more than I can chew with the commencement of No Rest For The Writers, what with my intense dedication to The Blogging mama.

I thought she could be a place where I could go, to be me. Without the children, the husband, the monotonous matters of daily life.

At the time it just felt right. Now I realize after looking at the dismal page she calls her ‘Stats’ she is not doing very well.

Not very well at all!

So here is my request to you my Facebook and WordPress friends; if you happen upon a spare minute out of your busy day, could you, would you, pay my derelict friend a visit?

Her name again is No Rest For The Writers, and she is oh so lonely. As you can see I have plastered links to her all over this post, in a vain attempt to lure your reading eyes towards her district.

If you happen to pop by she can guarantee an entertaining time. She will dazzle you with her interesting antidotes, her oh so charming wit, and sometimes even a sentimental story or two.

Her breadth has yet to grow to that of The Blogging Mama, but let’s face the facts here…I just have not been putting that crucial time in with her as I do with The Blogging Mama.

Although her span is small, you mustn’t let that fool you, she still holds a few tricks up her sleeve and is sure to amuse.

So once again, Her handle is No Rest For the Writers, and she is waiting for your arrival.


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