Growing up sucks!

I will now take you down an utterly cliché road and tell you that when I was young, I always wanted to be a grownup. It just looked like they were all having so much fun, doing whatever they wanted and what not…always so debonair and unruffled. Grownups always seemed so darn ‘put together’.

So I always tried to act older, do older, grownup kind of things.

But once I reached my goal of adulthood I realized how much it actually blows!

Jamie and I have been through our fair share of house hold issues. I refer you to a post written months ago named ‘The dreaded household appliance’ this is just a small example of our life on a daily basis.

When it isn’t household issues going awry, it is the vehicles.

I know it isn’t just us that lives with shit-show debacles daily, but sometimes it feels that way.

The time is 10:00 pm, Jamie has just got home from work and we are talking about his day when I think, ‘hey I haven’t heard the sump pump go off lately’. So I send my beloved down to the basement to check on it.

I hear exactly what I do not want to hear echo up from the cellar.



I run downstairs and before he can even tell me what’s going on, I see it. There is about a quarter of an inch leeway until the hole in which the sump pump lies will be over flowing into our insanely cluttered basement.

We start bailing water.

Bucket after bucket after bucket. The knowledge that we need to get someone on the phone and figure this out is flagrant. The pump has completely stopped working. But how do we find the time, when we are desperately trying to keep water from accosting our basement floor!?

And the rain is coming down in funnels, this is not looking very promising.

We stay surprisingly calm, which I chalk up to simply being adapt to this type of condition, almost as though it is second nature to us, to be in precarious circumstances.

I tell Jamie to get on the blower and try and see if anyone has an extra sump pump we can borrow for the night until we can get to an open store and buy a new one.

Meanwhile I keep bailing. Good thing I got some serious muscles of steel in the ol’ bicep department.

I hear Jamie talking to various friends on the phone. No go thus far.

Things are looking pretty grim.

“Go put something on Facebook, someone is bound to respond.” Jamie says in a half frantic, half despondent sort of way.

I oblige without saying much.

I come back telling him I put up statuses on both his and my Facebook pages, while adding in wistfully, “Here’s hoping!”

We are about to call a 24 hour plumber and spend a small fortune on a sump pump when Jamie’s phone starts singing a melodic tune.

Jamie runs to answer it, but takes a second look at the number before doing so. I hear his voice become ecstatic and he runs towards the door.

“Who was that?” I ask while looking at his goofy and over eccentric smile.

“Shaun and Abigail from next door have an extra sump pump that we can borrow! They saw our Facebook post.”

I don’t even have enough time to respond because my husband is out the door before he even finishes his zealous statement.

Thank God for neighbors, thank God for social media, and thank God Jamie and I are so versed in this kind of crap that we had enough wits about us to think logically about the situation.

As Jamie has the entirety of his upper body deep within the dark depths of the sump pump hole, installing the thing, he looks up at me and says,

“Make sure you keep that flashlight on this hole, I don’t need any damn swamp monsters spooking up on me and dragging me down to their layer!”

It was completely and utterly the best thing he could have said at that moment. We were fatigued and battered from our long night and the stress of adulthood was quickly coming down upon us.

I then realized it is never too late to look on the lighter side and for a moment of relief,  just be a kid again!

Maybe Lars and Sophie will think that the adult life is the life for them, and like me try too quickly to grow up.  But I will do my best to get across to them that they should cherish their youth while they can, because in reality they will have much more years of pressured adulthood than carefree adolescence.

If I could, I would appreciate those days a lot more now in later years.

But for now, we will keep doing what we are doing, and hopefully steer clear of any swamp monsters in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Growing up sucks!

  1. Hindsight is always one of the best teachers. They, too, will grow up too fast even though you wish they wouldn’t. But, this blog will help chronicle some of your experiences, hopes and dreams for them and you. Plus, they’ll always need you to ward off any swamp monsters:)


    • Haha so true! I still need my mom to assist me with monsters of this variety! With each post I write here, I am more and more happy that I’ve starting this blog. It will indeed make for an awesome reminder of these young years! Thank you for yet another wonderful comment, I love hearing from you as you always have such wonderful words to say 🙂


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