The Boozy Tea Party



The empty champagne bottles are in the bin, the decorations have been tucked away into their designated spots and I am feeling fine. If someone would have asked me how I was doing 24 hour ago, I may have likely dropped, curled up into the fetal position and began chanting nonsensical jibber-jabber until all there was left to do was cry…But now that all is said and done, I am feeling extraordinary.

The sensation of doing well has taken me over and I am so happy I was able to create this celebration in honoring motherhood, for the Mama’s in my life.

Because let’s face it, these Mothers…They are pretty damn wonderful.

The Drunken Tea Party was the name, and sweat and toil was the game. You may wonder why I decided to name it this, well for several reasons in fact… 1. I enjoy the idea of an elegant tea party. 2. I really really like champagne. 3. I thought it was rather clever to combine the two.

I had devised the idea, only a few days before the event was to take place. Jamie would be working all day and night, so I was left to my own devices to create this festival of sorts, to thank mine and his mom for everything they do for us.

I didn’t want it to be like any other family get-together, because it was not any old get-together. This is a time where we can really show our appreciation to the women who shaped us into the awesomeness we are today…And that calls for a grand occasion.

The biggest issue I faced on the day was the weather. And boy oh boy did it test me. The wind blew fierce and I with my incessant need to do things early added to my rapidly growing list of issues. I set the table about 7 hours too soon, and gusts of wind took several of my glass bowls to the ground, smashing them to smithereens.

The kids both were fighting off colds, I’m sure I have never witnessed them in such terrible spirits. When they were not crying, they were fighting, when they were not fighting, they were shitting themselves, and when they were not shitting themselves, they were telling me in not so many words that they were pissed right off because I was being such a neglectful mother to them on this day of matronly commemoration. But once the guest started arriving they magically turned their frowns upside down, and became the little angels I’ve been working so hard to raise.





Thankfully, and I really mean THANKFULLY my sister-in-law Ashley came over to assist in the preparations and whole heartedly helped me deal with the kids, calmed me when I’d hear the sound of breaking glass and showered me with praise in the aftermath.



Once the Mom’s arrived and got to see the décor, the food, the flowers and the blood and guts, I put into the party I calmed down a little. Although, for the rest of the evening I was getting guff from my party guests as to how ‘crazy’ I had become over this thing.



I literally was telling people how to dish up their food, in fear they would miss a step, consequently missing out on something or another that simply could not be missed out on.



I had officially stepped right over the edge into lunacy. And in my neurotic haste I sort of forgot the point of the day. To celebrate the Mothers.

So, rather than gifts a plenty and lovey dovey greeting cards, I have a blog and a keyboard and words to try to get across how much I appreciate these women in my life.


Sheila, it has been over 5 years since you welcomed me into your family.  And although my becoming part of your nearest and dearest was quick and unexpected, you still took me in with love and poise. From the first day I found out I was expecting, you supported Jamie and I in more ways than one, and for that we will always be appreciative.

I certainly could not have asked for a more wonderful mother-in-law. And you quickly become more than a mother-in-law to me Sheila, you are now simply another mom and I love you dearly.

P.S. Thank you for taking all of these wonderful pictures I used for today’s blog!


Gemma, although you aren’t a mother figure to me, I wanted to write about how proud I am of you. You are such an amazing Mama to baby Hannah and the job suits you perfectly. I feel like we have become so much closer since you brought that little girl into our lives. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you do it wonderfully!


Ashley, I just wanted to throw you in here for good measure and say thank you again for all of your help with this event, you talked me off the ledge a few times!


And finally to my Mom, Colleen; there are few words I can say to you that haven’t been said before. You know how grateful I am to have you in my life and I am so glad I was able to give you this celebration to show my gratitude even more.

Our relationship has had its ups and downs Mom, but we always come out of it stronger and wiser. Seldom has a day gone by without me thinking to call you for advice or just to talk, because I know that when anything is bothering me, I can dial your number and you will help me out with just saying a few truthful, simple words.

You have supported me in my many crazy endeavors, never telling me I ‘can’t’ but always letting me know of the trials I may face because of my choices. I appreciate your honesty and patience with me Mom.

I love you Mama.


So all in all, The Boozy Tea Party was a success! And although I may be able to credit the day to a few extra gray hairs and stress wrinkles, I think I may have to make it an annual event, because it was a damn good time!

Cheers to the Mothers!



8 thoughts on “The Boozy Tea Party

  1. Hi Lyn, I liked this post very much. Once I started reading I just wanted to go on reading it. First of all the introductory picture attracted me a lot. A Boozy Tea Party? What a great idea! What a wonderfully successful day despite the wind and the smashed glass bowls! Thank you very much for sharing all your experiences on the occasion of Mothers Day! I liked this post so much that I reblogged it to my site so that my blogger friends have a chance to see it. Cheerio, Auntyuta.


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