A Fresh Start



I have been having a hard time lately thinking of blog posts, as our weather in the fine province of Alberta is finally shaping up! OH how lovely it is, to walk outside and be hit with the rays of hot sun that I’m sure most of us have been craving since the mid winter season.
The kids and I have been spending most our time outside, I working in my gardens…Them, digging up the work I had just finished. I am attempting to teach them about Flora and Fauna this summer, as we spend so much time out at my parents farm and it provides to be a great landscape for education in this respective area.
Yesterday as I was out doing some weeding, and moving of certain perennials that I wanted to relocate, I began to notice…Like really notice the new growth that was starting to pop out of the rich black soil I worked upon.
Thick shoots of green and pink rhubarb jutted out in a completely random fashion, yet somehow looking totally uniform in their own way. Bright lime green Day Lilies, in their beginning stage stretched to find the warmth of the sun while the immature buds of a lilac bush greeted their arrival.
All of this beautiful new growth got me thinking about my babies and their development. How far they have come in the long winter spell.
Lars, and the ideas he has the ability to come up with, his mind is constantly spinning with concepts I had no idea he could even grasp. He told me the other day, as he practiced scrolling out his name with chalk on our cement pad, that it may not look perfect now but he just needs to practice and one day it will be. A simple idea at first grasp, but when I think back to last September when he began writing his name, and how frustrated he would get over it, it made me realize how much patience and persistence he has gained over these last few months.
Today we will be getting Sophie her first bike, and oh how excited she is for this milestone. As I type away, her and Lars wait uncomplainingly for Jamie to get out of the shower so we can begin the hunt for Sophie’s perfect tricycle.
It is a well known fact that with Springtime, begins new life and novel beginnings. I have always been in my prime at this time of year, but have never really took much thought to it. Finally I have been given the allowance to understand the magnitude of this season.
When I look towards the large poplar trees that grow uninhibitedly behind our house, and see the faint green tinge of new buds coming to life, I am able to breathe a sigh of relief.
Although the winter months have their fair share of fun activities to engage in and fall is beautiful with its deep colors of red and orange, summer and its heat; I can’t help but revel in the wonderfulness of spring.
My worries, although not completely relieved, seem to fade away into a place where they do not guide my thoughts, I take more pleasure in my accomplishments and dwell less on the things that need to be done, because now I know that I have a fresh new start ahead of me.





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