My darling Lars and Sophie;

Today I would like to thank you, for simply being you.

A day never goes past, that I don’t think about how blessed I am

to have gotten you both in my grasp.

IMG_20120524_224219 IMG_20120524_224435

You’ve both came so far in even this last year, I sometimes wonder,

‘Where are those wee babes, I used to swaddle in my arms?’

But I am so proud of you,

For growing, developing and becoming so darn cool!


I know I sometimes poke fun at you.

But this is one lesson I can’t stress enough

You will get a lot further in life

If you can laugh at yourself.


I dare not worry about the moral lessons I’ve tried to instil in you,

Because you both have already exceeded my expectations.

What does the future hold, you may ask?

Whatever you’d like…I will do everything in my power (and probably beyond) to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever they may be!

party27 party49

Sometimes, we may not always succeed in our endeavours

This is no reason to quit…Only an opportunity to try

Something new.

fb8 Lyndzee 316_edited-1

Keep your idiosyncrasies

Keep being crazy!

These qualities are often lost in the maturing process.

Hold onto it as long as possible. Life will be much more beneficial with them intact.


And most of all…Continue to Beam dear Babes.

My greatest wish, is that the world will see the

Glimmer within you

I get the reward of witnessing everyday.


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