A Poem for my Kidlets

Here is a piece of poetry that the kids and I have been working on together; It is yet to be named. lol

My name is Elvis, a noble gnome, I’ve come from far away

Please help me with the duty I’ve brought to you  today.

There is a kingdom, far away that slight magic still lives in

A place that cannot carry on, without a child’s grin.

Yes, yes that’s you! So smile on, for my land is in much trouble

Oh so soon, it will only be a glooming heap of rubble.

The name of this place is Sarphia, once a lovely place to be

With echoes carried through the wind of laughter, love and glee

The residents of Sarphia are fairies, elves and gnomes,

We used to sing and dance and play, we never thought to roam

But then one dreadful dreary day, the magic flew away

The gnomes the fairies and the elves, had forgotten how to play

Now we never sing or dance, we cannot love nor laugh

Sadness soars all around, our world is only half

Why this scariness has happened is very hard to tell

We believe it’s from a lack of joy, from our Kindness Well.

And without this joy that was our way,  the only means we knew

We could not laugh to save our life… It now is up to you!

Hold on tight for now I will, take you to this land

That once was filled with delight, once it was so grand.

Do not be frightened, and nor be scared

It isn’t how it used to be, so make yourself prepared.

Quickly come and take my hand, and help me sing this rhyme

Put on a great big smile, for there is not much time.

Let us help the land of Sarphia, to bring enchantment back

We will ensure that once again, laughter will not lack.

 We are coming Sarphia, we will soon arrive

Do not fear Sarphia, our grins will make you thrive.

As you can see, this land is full of sorrow and of fraught

The only thing to save it, it something you have brought.

So open up your little hearts, that clasp so very much

Of the love and laughter  that holds the magic touch

Frolic round the gardens Well, watch it regain bliss

You’ll recreate the beauty, that once had gone amiss.

Rally round in wonder, dance and sing and cheer

Soon our beloved Sarphia will  be without this fear.

You’ve done it! You’ve saved Sarphia, our land is now regained!

You  broke the dreaded evil blight that had us locked in chains

To show our grateful attitude, for what you’ve come and done
We welcome you to visit us, when you want some extra fun

If you’re ever feeling glum or board or even kind of blue

Open up this little book, and we will bring you through.

You are now an important part of our little world

We now  know you’ll help us, if again it comes unfurled.

Lars and Sophie, our gratitude is lots

From here out, you will live in our happy thoughts.

Farewell you two lovely kids, who we will always miss,

Remember you can always come, and visit with your  bliss!


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