The Real Kind of Positivity

It is 6am another early morning for this Mama. My husband and kids are still sleeping soundly in their bedrooms…Well,  as any of you who read this spiel of mine can guess, Lars found his way into our room last night and currently resides there. I am at the computer thinking about what I should write this new post about, since it has been a few days. I’m pondering and brooding and mulling over what could be a great idea, then I think ‘Optimism’.

Being an overly optimistic person is my trademark characteristic. Since I was young people have always branded me as a happy, outgoing, think brightly towards the future kind of gal. I think I am just really good at faking it. I put on that cheery smile and talk the talk about life lovin’ and tree huggin (well not quite, but you get the point.)  In actuality I rue everything, I am constantly thinking about what is wrong with the world, fretting about raising my children in a place where so much evil lives freely. Now that I’ve outed myself as a closet naysayer I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to carry on this charade,  so I turn my sights towards a truly optimistic person.

My dear friend Ashley Noel Blackburn, unless she too, is as good as me at faking it….Which I am pretty sure she’s not, I can undoubtedly say that she has optimism wrapped around her painted pinky finger. She is one of those types of people that radiate good feelings; albeit annoying sometimes when you are in an awful frame of mind and she comes strolling through the door all chipper with rainbows and butterflies on the mind. Yet within minutes you feel better about anything that ales ya, because Ashley  simply has the ability to do that. She is so humble about it too, I have mentioned this power of hers before and she comes right back at me with, “You do that too Linds!” Nope definitely don’t, if I walk into a room and someone is glum, I snuggle right in there and feed off their glumness…I gain sustenance from it.

Ashley and I have been close friends since forever ago, last year she moved back to Alberta and decided that she took a fancy towards my brother. Me, being the upbeat and positively fake person that I am, ushered the two into the relationship with a forged smile and words that would fool the greatest of  liars. This is another one of my secrets I am going to divulge; I lie. I lie a lot…I like lying, I don’t call it lying though; it’s exaggerated embellishment, because there is always a morsel of truth to every story.

But this story is not a lie, I swear. So anyways, there the two are being a happy, joyous, chalk-full-of-optimism couple together and here I am, miserably stewing in my own self pity because in my downbeat clandestine ways I need to lament anything good happening to anyone in the world. (Ashley I know you’re reading this, don’t worry it gets better) It does get better because eventually my hazy introspective view on how this relationship between one of my best friends and my brother could only end in a terrible cataclysmic episode that I somehow feel will involve me, is swept away. The more I see them together, the more I realize that these two are in it for the long haul. They make each other happy, which is a rare thing in this day and age. Although they are worlds apart in certain ways, there fun-loving attitude and wonderful way of turning their frowns upside down, make them perfect for each other.

So this post on optimism has somehow turned out to be a post on my well wishes towards Ashley and Dusting and their growing relationship. And while reading this Ashley will be sitting at her desk in her office,  having very mixed feelings about whether to be angry at me for writing this (which is nearly impossible for her and her in her ever loving mind) or  blushing or tearing up because she knows me well enough to realize this is in fact not one of my infamous exaggerated embellishments.

In the half hour that it’s taken me to compose this script, I have had an epiphany. I think that I will take some tips from my good friend Ashley, and try my hand at positivity. And not the pretending kind of positivity, the real kind. The kind that can make you feel better each time you summon it up within you, the kind that can change the way another person is feeling at that exact place and time. The kind that only few people have the ability to exhibit everyday with ease and simplicity. And if I am not able to succeed in this endeavour, at least I know I have someone around to stroll in with rainbows and butterflies to make everything in the world seem right again.



3 thoughts on “The Real Kind of Positivity

  1. You know me too well linds!!!.. And yes, Dustin read it last night:) I also showed him your autograph you put in your new book for us!!!!


  2. Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 Ashley did read it, and as I brazenly assumed was conflicted with anger and adoration haha! I’m not sure if Dustin has read it yet, but I’m sure Ashley will get him to, she is constantly pushing the ‘The Blogging Mama’ on others :))) She is one great friend! Thanks again for your comment, very much appreciated!


  3. Proud of you for being so bold and sharing your thoughts, knowing Ashley would read them. Will your brother read it as well? I know what you mean about trying to have the REAL kind of positiity. With many things in life, I feel you have to “fake it til you make it.” Great post.


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