Snow Day


In my narcissistic habit of rereading my work, simply to read my work, I have come across a common pattern in a few of my recent posts. I have been throwing quite a bit of guff towards Ol’ Mother Nature. Whether it is the crafty use of angry CAPS LOCKS towards her, or bluntly writing a complete post about how entirely sick I am of this awful weather she has been pushing on us.

I was thinking of compiling some sort of spiel, comparing this lady of the land to a drug dealer that just can’t take no for an answer…You know… with terrible weather and… Us having to endure it… OK, not my best, I realize this. While brainstorming, I decided a break was in order to take the kidlets to the park. Now why I grabbed the camera was beyond me, because seldom a day goes by that I actually think to take any pictures at all. I am so happy I did though, because today I was given a new…well not new but Fall-ish reminder as to why winter isn’t so bad after all.

Sophie 2 edit

After trudging through what seemed like 20 feet of snow, we had finally made it to the park. And boy was I happy to see the sparkle of that slide, as walking with a 2 and 4-year-old in these conditions does not bode well for ones mental psyche. Apparently though, all is forgiven if you are of this young age, as the treacherous stroll was completely elapsed in their minds as we reached their grounds of play. Sophie bolts towards the swings, Lars to the climbing apparatus, nothing getting in their way, nothing about to hinder them from the magic of the playground.



157   I watch while Lars pretends the snow is searing hot molten rock, and meanders his way over the equipment as to not get burnt from the stuff.










Sophie 3 edit_1

Meanwhile, Sophie has been tossing the cold wet snow into the air and attempting to catch it in her mouth. This is the result of her efforts. (After capturing this photo, I insisted there will be no more eating of dirty snow.)








Lars 2 edit

     Something catches Lars’ attention. The train tracks directly behind the park have sounded the bell and there is machinery making its way down the track Lars is captivated by the spectacle, and very happy he has got to witness it.


                                                                                                            Lars pretends to ignore me when I tell him it is time to leave.

158         Sophie hides in the tunnel, which was trying to say the least, to get her out of.

Finally after bribing them with chocolates and grilled cheese, I get them back to the house.  Even though I still am very much looking forward to summer coming right around the corner, I am so glad that I captured this snow day. I’m sure Mother nature hasn’t thrown us her last curve ball when it comes to the toying of our hopes for heat, so when I get anxious for this upcoming temperature rise, I can take a look at these pictures to remind me that we can have fun in the snow too.


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