It is ten o’clock at night and I do if fact know where my children are; in their rooms sniggering, laughing, crying, and slinking around looking for various toys and books to occupy their sleepless minds. It has finally happened, the bedtime blues have arrived.

Lars went through it when we took him out of his crib, but like all the phases the boy has went through he passed it quickly. With Sophie, it took a little longer for her to catch on that after leaving the security of her caged bed she was able to actually move about her room freely. Now that she has figured out this ingenious concept, I have become one stressed out Mama.

It has been over a week now that the child has refused sleep at bedtime, and in this erratic rebuttal she is keeping her brother awake, a boy who if doesn’t get his sleep is the most unpleasant child I have personally ever come in contact with.

So now I present this question of desperation to my fellow bloggers and Facebook friends; Have any of you as parents, went through this terrible phase with your kids? If so how did you pass it with your sanity still intact?!

I have tried several things so far; taking away TV before bed, yelling, not yelling, bribing, taking away the reward that I previously bribed. Of course I’ve attempted the whole positive reinforcement thing, but I am quickly beginning to think this theory is not relevant to my daughter, who simply does not seem to care.  We have went as far as allowing her four year old brother to enter the front lines, and try to talk reason into the girl. This only resulted in them playing together, so that tactic was quickly dismissed.

We do engage in the usual bedtime routines of bath, brush teeth, stories and then bed. Sometimes straying from the course a bit, if we are at someone’s house or have company over, but for the most part  we try and stick to it attentively.

Several months ago I took Sophie off her bottle, which she was very attached to, but after a few days of changing the routine she seemed to be fine. Could it be some sort of relapse? Although she isn’t asking for the device, so I am not convinced this is what’s causing the upheaval.

When I ask her why she does not want to sleep, she comes back at me with a scornful, “I No like my room! It stupid!” Wow, lovely language from a two year old. I ask her what we could do to make it more awesome, and she replies bluntly with, “Nothing.”

I feel like any kind of renovation of her bedroom would be a very drastic measure, as we had it painted fresh for her arrival into the world only two years ago.  I am closely approaching the point of offering Lars a roommate, but just as our ‘Lars the negotiator’ scheme went I am sure they would just end up playing all night. Resulting once again in no conclusion to the matter. ARGH!

Well in the time it has taken me to write out this rant, the Soph has finally drifted off to dreamland.

I would love to hear some suggestions any of you may have or similar stories. After all, as parents it’s nice to know we aren’t alone out there!


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