The Call of The Patio Door

IMG_7142My husband woke up this morning with a headache from hell, so the poor guy is now laid up in our darkened bedroom while I am desperately trying to keep the children quiet, as to not disturb his throbbing cranium even more. To make matters worse spring fever has hit me with a vengeance that is as strong as it is fierce.  I cannot go one more day searching for lost mittens, hang drying sopping wet snow pants or bundling the kiddies up into oblivion before venturing outside of these walls. And with this need for heat, comes a flagrant knowledge that as of lately I have dropped the ball in the outside play department.

It is eight o’clock A.M. no scratch that, nine o’clock this silly time change screws me up every time.  Last night’s dinner dishes have been scraped clean of the dried on gunk that consumed them, and now are in the dishwasher ready to be washed. The kids are eating Goldfish crackers and watching Blue’s Clues in the living room and I am typing at the kitchen table. To the left of me are my fingerprint infested patio doors.  They are badly in need of  some new blinds to hide these famously appearing fingerprints, since currently they have none.  Three months ago my overzealous two year old tore them down in one of her outraged bursts of fury.

The blue skies continue to call out to me, ‘Come out and bask in my glorious warmth Lindsay, your kids will have so much fun out here in the sun.’ Maybe I have been reading too much Dr.Suess, but the prospect does seem rather promising.  I glance towards the living room; I know that the kids would have a wonderful time outside today.  It is the thought of having to go through the motions of outside preparation that hinders my movement.

  1. Struggle to get Sophie dressed in clothes, because in her current existence a lonely diaper is all she seems happy in.
  2. Pry Lars away from his obstinate You-Tube surveillance (Thomas the train, Pingu, and on the off occasion Caillou in Spanish…I am not sure why this is as awesome as he seems to think it is).
  3. Locate all forms of winter wear, a half an hour task in itself (Again, organizational skills are not my forte).
  4. Curse under my breath because I cannot find any damn mittens for Lars.
  5. Remove Sophie’s snow pants, regular pants and take her back to her room, because she has soiled herself once again at the most inopportune time.
  6. Redress female child in winter wear.
  7. Calm Lars, because he is now upset about how warm he has become while waiting for me and his sister, yet refuses to go out into the fenced yard by himself.
  8. Suit myself up in winter clothes.
  9. Curse under my breath because I cannot find my own damn mittens.
  10. Finally get outside, and have a wonderful time playing with my children in the snow.

Well although the first nine steps seem like all they could possibly result in, is plain anguish; I come to the conclusion that step 1o will make it all worth it. There is only another month of snow (hopefully) left, we may as well enjoy it before the incessant complaining about how unbearably hot it has become starts.


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