Dance Baby, Dance

When youngsters dream, they dream big. There is no journey too long, or aspiration too lofty; the mind is continuously revolving. With this youthful ambition, our children have the ability to accomplish greatness. It is our job as parents, to foster this beautiful acquaintance of hope and grow it into determination and purpose.

Today was one of those rare occasions when my Dad decided to open up to me. I was telling him about the poetry book I had just published, and how it has been a dream come true. He then revealed to me that when he was young, he had dreamed of being a marine biologist (working with whales) was how he put it. I had heard of this dream of his years before, but last time he told of it, it was ‘big cats’ that he dreamed of working with. Who knows old age may be kicking in, never-the-less ‘big animals’ is what we’re just going to chalk it up to.

Anyways, this dream was quickly put to rest by my Grandfather, his Dad, who told him that this delusion was the stupidest idea he had ever heard. There would be no money in it, and it was just plain dumb.

It was not the story that struck me, but the fleeting look that crossed my Dad’s dismal face just after.  And then without even a trace of fervour, he finalized our moment with, “And look what happened, I ended up a rig pig.”

My Dad is a very determined man, although in that moment he saw himself as just a ‘rig pig’ he has made a very successful career out of his work, something not to be diminished in a transitory sentence. Now filling the details in, I have no doubt that he would have succeeded in marine biology/lion taming, if only he had the support to follow his dreams.

Throughout my life, my parents have always been very supportive of my dreams. Although some fanciful  (and not always taken seriously) they always humored me. Shortly after the 1996 Movie ‘Twister’ came out; Me, a haughty ten year old was bound and determined that one day I too would chase down tornadoes in a mad attempt to find out about weather patterns. I still sometimes have an overpowering urge, to drive somewhat near (but not too near) a double-crossing cyclone of pure thrill.

Writing  has always been a constant in my life. I often wonder how my parents endured the countless hours of reading and re-reading short stories, poems, and oh the dreaded phase I went through when I thought I was the playwright! They strived through it though, and they did it with enthusiasm. My writing hasn’t brought me fame or fortune, and It more than likely never will, but scribbling down a few sentences a day has saved me from sadness many a time. It makes me happy, fulfilled even to know that I continue on a dream I’ve had for twenty years. It is my parents I have to thank for this, they always encouraged me to ‘Write till my heart’s content.’

Now that I have a Lars and Sophie of my own, I look very forward to the day when they come home from school after learning about some new and exciting exploit and say, ‘I want to be a…..’.

Lars loves dancing. Anytime my boy hears a beat, up goes his hands and arms flailing and thrusting in a hypnotic fashion, his body starts gyrating closely resembling a vertical spasm and his feet usually do an awkward stick to the floor thing while moving his legs in uncanny directions.  The poor boy has no rhythm and judging from the catastrophe that is my husband and I on the dance floor, he more than likely never will. I  by no means will ever  tell him to stop though. One- because it gives me something to laugh about, and two- more importantly, he loves it.  Whenever Sophie see’s her big brother dancing up a storm she joins right in. Unfortunately for her, I think he is teaching her his ‘moves’ everyday they boogie.

If my kids want to start a sister/brother dancing team, and introduce a new type of ‘interpretive’ dance to the world, I will be there in the front stands cheering them on the whole way- granted there are stands and cheering involved.  The point is, no matter how bizarre, I will be my kids biggest fan. Whether they like it or not.

With education and options, we can give these tot’s the confidence to bloom and flourish. I for one, will not be the one to crush my children’s dreams and then have them rueing over it 50 years later.  Until the day comes when they begin to conjure up imaginings of their own, I will dream about their  flourishing future…And maybe chase a few twisters in my off time.


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